Let me tell you a story!

About Robi April 9, 2011

I live and work in Corpus Christi, TX.  I work as a registered dental hygienist, so that leaves lots of time for thinking, and that leads me to do some writing.  I have a complete 76,000 word manuscript in the mystery suspense genre.  I’d love to publish Binding Storm, but until then I will work on another suspense novel titled Hidden From Danger.

I’m a typical family girl, with a husband of  30 years, and two wonderful sons who’ve never asked me for one cent of gas money!  I love being a homebody as long as I get little travel breaks now and then.

I grew up on kool aid and water sprinklers, and had a wonderful childhood.  My next novel will be about someone who yearns for those very things.  Give me some time, and the story will unfold!


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