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Ink Without a Pen? April 10, 2011

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Today I sat down to write some notes to myself.  I jotted a few things down and then my pen quit working.  I ventured to the corner of the paper and made some circular colorless dents in the page.  I got up, fumed over to the trash bin, and tossed the useless thing in the trash!  Pens that don’t write are a major pet peeve of mine.  One false move and they  immediately have a new home with the stinky empty cat food containers in the bottom of my kitchen garbage can.

Today this little episode caused me to think about myself. Unlike that disappointing writing utensil, I’m full of ink… fluid thoughts fill every part of my mind and soul. The problem is that I tend to hoard them inside of myself because I am such an introvert.  I shy away from revealing all of my joy, pain, and enthusiasm merely because it takes more guts to do that than  I naturally possess. I’m ink without a pen, and that is about as useless as a pen without ink!  So, I am stepping out, and ‘fessing up: I’m a writer, a thinker, a midnight inker!


4 Responses to “Ink Without a Pen?”

  1. hector hernandez Says:

    Well, this is very brave of you. …Wish I had some advise.
    I have often thought of the idea of writing a blog, but what would I write about, for whom, and for what?

    I watched a movie called Julie & Julia (or something like that, with ‘Meryl’ as one of the leads) …thats what got the whole idea going.
    The competitive side of me would want rave reviews and lots of readers but on the other hand if I go ‘auto-bio’, or even ‘semi-auto-bio’ I wouldn’t want anyone to read till Im gone… you know, to protect the innocent.

    I also like the idea of playing with different fonts and visually laying out a page with cool text to make the reading all the more pleasing. Or maybe even making some of the pages a different color or different texture. But then I think its more like me wanting to design a book.
    But the main issue is which role to play, ‘guy dealing with congestive heart problems’, ‘the hispanic son’, ‘the questioning christian’, ‘the life tourist’ etc. etc. etc….
    One thing is for sure, there would be no pens involved. Good luck to you and sign me up.

    • sisterhurl Says:

      Hey, Hector…I don’t believe anyone has ever said I was brave before, so thank you! I don’t plan to bore people with a lot of posts, but I did want to present myself in case I do ever get any interest in my writing, and it’s fun! And if you decide to try a blog, I don’t think you’d need to play only one role…if you’re complex you’ll have that much more to write about!

  2. Lisa M Says:

    Go for it girlfriend… I like your style. Perhaps you could reveal a couple of short excerpts from your book. I would find that very interesting. So now that the cat is out of the bag here and we know you are a writer how about throwing us a few lines?

  3. CATHI Says:

    1) I am glad my kids are not so smart.
    2) My business cards say “Photographer” I am a photographer. We can argue the semantics of professional vs amateur vs who knows what. But I am a photographer. You are a writer. Whether it be a professional writer, an amateur writer etc. You are indeed a writer. And how about instead of aspiring writer you are an ASPIRED writer?

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