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Aspiring Writer? April 16, 2011

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I had an interesting chat with my oldest son, Martin, today.  He was helping me order some new business cards.  He had a little trouble with my dubbing myself a ‘writer’ because I have not been published.  This boy of mine is a smart guy.  He plans, studies, makes goals and then does everything he can to make them come true.  He is morally sound, loving, polite, generous, responsible, and loved by many people. He is full of humor and engages me in wonderful conversations, for which I am extremely grateful.  He completely burst my bubble!

  Just as my big head was swelling to a delightfully plump size, filling to the brim with a newfound confidence and riding a wave of satisfaction at having completed my first novel, he failed to agree that I could now claim to be a writer on these little pale green cards that will carry my name elegantly scripted across the front. 

We agreed that “aspiring writer” would be a more appropriate term, and we’re all about being appropriate.  No false advertising here!  I just hope I don’t have to throw out a bunch of these beautiful cards once a publisher does discover my hidden talent!  Seriously, what harm is there in projecting one’s dream onto a business card?  Don’t we see that type of overblown self-confidence thrust our way via  advertisements every day of our lives? 

I have written a mystery suspense novel…I’m a writer.  One day, a wastebasket full of cards saying otherwise just might prove my happy point! Until then, I remain politically correct.   Robianne Pace, Aspiring Writer


11 Responses to “Aspiring Writer?”

  1. Gwen Rutherford Says:

    Where in the definition of “writer” is the word “published” required? You might aspire to be on the NY Times Top 10 list but you are producing product. In this day and time, many self publish… it doesn’t make them any more or less of a writer than you.

    Was J.K. Rowling a writer before her Harry Potter manuscript was “purchased”?

  2. You are very much a writer Robi. And congrats on the cards!

  3. Wendy Says:

    I agree with Gwen and may I interject something else? You are published. If you weren’t, I would not have read your story nor been able to leave a comment about what I found publicly available on the internet.

  4. sisterhurl Says:

    Thanks for the support, friends! I hadn’t thought about all of those aspects, merely the carrot of traditional publishing that dangles just beyond my grasp. I’ll keep plugging along, and nibbling only on grass for now.

  5. Ginny Says:

    Way to go Robi!! You are an inspiration to us all!

  6. Cathi Says:

    1) I am glad my kids are not so smart.
    2) My business cards say “Photographer” I am a photographer. We can argue the semantics of professional vs amateur vs who knows what. But I am a photographer. You are a writer. Whether it be a professional writer, an amateur writer etc. You are indeed a writer. And how about instead of aspiring writer you are an ASPIRED writer?

  7. sisterhurl Says:

    One could argue that you have made money from your career as a photographer. For now, I will enjoy the quandary of my situation!

  8. Jack Says:

    I’d like you to aspire to writing me a…………………… larger allowance check.

  9. @Cathi: your kids are that smart we are just more SCARED to tell you that.

    Robi be whatever you want to be:)

  10. Robyn Says:

    Wow Robi – that is so cool. Writing is something so many of us dream about, but so few actually accomplish. I’m very proud of you!

  11. Rebecca Anderson Says:

    Robi, I hope I get to read your novel one day. That’s exciting!

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