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Book Trailer for Blinding Storm June 2, 2012

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When I decided to pursue my love of writing, I realized that I would not be satisfied unless someone enjoyed reading my work.  I wish I was the type of person who could do something purely for the sake of doing it, but I do crave acceptance and notice from the outside world.  I quickly realized that getting anyone to read my novels was going to require that I step outside my safety zone, and because I’m an introvert, my zone is very small.  Yet I stepped out and joined a writers’ group, one of the best moves I’ve ever made, and that has led to all sorts of venturing out.  The latest step has been to embrace the concept of book trailers, which I find utterly addictive!  I may even race through a new manuscript just so that I can make a trailer for it!  I hope I’ll get some views on the trailer for my first novel, Blinding Storm.  If not, I’ll have to try and slink back into the safety zone and that would be a tragedy…for me, at least.





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